Advantages of SPEAK.PL DIRECT ENGLISH books

-) modern vocabulary referring to subjects from everyday life

-) every new word has the phonetic transcription with distinction between British and American English when applicable

-) novelty!! short texts which show the newly presented vocabulary in its natural context

-) use of „cosmopolitan” English – we don't limit the English language of our books to just British, American or Australian; whatever expressions are popular, modern, fashionable in the language – you will find them here

-) interesting questions, written in natural English

-) apart from traditional closed questions the material also contains open questions, which give the students some freedom in their answers and encourage them to experiment with building their own sentence structures

-) novelty!! the students not only give answers to questions but they are also asked to make questions to a group of answers in every section of the material

-) clear and simple layout of material in the books

-) grammar exercises in the books and access to e-learning platform for further practice of English grammar

-) an accompanying CD to every book with recorded material from the lessons

-) our books contain the index of new vocabulary and introduced grammar points

-) our books contain significantly more question-answer units for practising newly introduced words than any other direct method books in the market

-) our books cover broader scope of material than other direct method books in the market: we have 10 handbooks instead of the 5 or 6 of other publishers

-) the material covered in our books is sufficient for students who want to take the TOEIC exam

-) our books enable to make maximum use of the classroom time – students are forced to focus their attention all the time throughout the lesson

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