The Speak.pl Method is a direct method for teaching German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Like all direct methods Speak.pl concentrates on the aspect of a foreign language that is the most difficult to master - on speaking. With the use of the speak.pl method the students learn by constantly speaking during the classes. The lesson is arranged in the form of a specially designed dialog between the teacher and each of the students in the group. Every student has to answer the teacher's questions directly in the new language, in full sentences, and with the use of the currently practised new vocabulary or grammar points. The native language of the students is not used during the lessons at all or used only occassionally to introduce the new vocabulary that would be too difficult or too abstract to understand without translation. When the student speaks the teacher helps him and corrects him immediately. The teacher carries out the lesson at the top possible speed without unnecessary slowing down, thus making the students' ears used to the natural pace of the foreign language. At least 80% of the lesson is devoted to speaking. There is no need on part of the students to take any notes because everything the teacher says during the classes is recorded in the course books as well as on the CDs that accompany them.



The Speak.pl course books for teaching German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian were created as a collaborative work of teachers, native speakers and methodologists at Peritus – Speed School in the years 2004-2006 and since then have been several times corrected and updated. The materials have been practised on Peritus students, both group and individuals for five years now.



The set of materials for each language consists of 12 coursebooks, each accompanied by a CD with recorded lessons and dictations. The page layout of every book is clear and „user-friendly” - with sections to introduce and following sets of questions and answers to practise the introduced material.



In order to purchase the Speak.pl materials a school has to buy the licence for them. The licence comprises materials for all the languages we offer: German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. If you are interested in obtaining the licence please send your contact details to us and we will contact you back immediately.